Yildiz semi automatic shotgun

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Yildiz semi automatic shotgun

Finding a balanced over-under shotgun to suit your needs for hunting, trap shooting, and home defense can be tricky. We hoped that the budget price was not an indicator of a low performance. As it turns out, this gun succeeds and fails on a few different accounts. The name Yildiz traces back to a small neighborhood in Turkey, holding a population of about 6, people.

A quick search turns up minimal listings for sales, but they are still available if you know where to look. Yildiz tests their shotguns before passing them on to each customer. They use both game shooting and pressure testing cartridges before releasing each gun to the public. They also use target accuracy tests at specific intervals to ensure maximum performance. An e-mail from Yildiz states that their only carrier through the U.

You can also try your luck with GunBroker.

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The cost in the United Kingdom, where Yildiz has a much wider market presence, is over British pounds. It contains protective sleeves for the barrels and the fore-end, along with the same protection for the action, stock, and the included accessories.

At least those who are targeted specifically at skeet and trap shooters. The appearance and color for the stock, with its walnut finish, remind us of other shotguns.

The 10 Best Semi-Automatic Shotguns

This shotgun weighs only about 8 pounds, which is perfect for an extended session at the gun club. You could even use it several in a row while on a shooting excursion with your friends. When we dropped the comb to the lowest setting, we found a decrease of about two inches total. Not a bad shift. The length of the trigger pull came in around 14 inches, assisted by a firm buttpad that performed well.

yildiz semi automatic shotgun

And thanks to the longer fore-end, you have plenty of grip options to do what you want with your forward hand. As you know, the lockwork consists of how the trigger, hammer, and main springs are mounted. That comes right below the sears, found suspended from the top of the frame.If you are looking to fine-tune your hunting game, make a splash at a clay disc competition, or to up the protection of your homea shotgun is likely the weapon of choice.

When you make it a semiautomatic shotgun, all of the above circumstances become a hundred times sweeter. Whether you are new to the gun world or are an experienced marksman, chances are a semi-auto shotgun will further benefit your game of choice.

Your standard shotgun involves pumping the fore-end back into itself in order to get rid of an empty cartridge and reload a new round into the chamber. This action must be done after each round fired. With a semi-automatic shotgun, the same action is done automatically through a recoil-operated system or a gas system — this means repetitive rounds can be fired one after another.

So why add a semi-auto shotgun to your collection? They are very easy to handle, as once the weapon is charged, you are golden. No need to pump the gun and relocate after each fire; nothing but a steady stream of bullets while your eye stays on the target. Although semiautomatic shotguns have been known to jam up in the past, technology has evolved and the chances of a jam are less likely these days. Offering both a 12 gauge and 20 gauge option, the recoil spring guarantees a lightning-quick reload time regardless of the load type.

The Inertia Driven bold mechanism system allows the M2 to take on just about any 12 gauge cartridge, including the heavier 3-inch magnums. This is the gun to get for home defense, multi-gun competitions, and security needs. Built to the exact specifications of world-renowned speed shooter and shotgun competitor of Jerry Miculek, the Mossberg tactical semiautomatic shotgun is your number one choice to better the competition.

The dual gas system lessens the recoil impact found in most semiautomatic shotguns, while its high capacity shoots nine rounds at an amazing speed. A barrel clamp maximizes stability while the front fiber optic sight keeps your eyes on the prize. Winchester Speed X4 semiautomatic shotguns are built for excellent comfort, accuracy, and speed. Succeeding its predecessor, the Super X3 Black Shadow, the SX4 has increased performance and ergonomics that make its daddy proud.

Coated with a non-glare matte black finish, you will be able to keep your cover while on the hunt and still look good. A redesigned comfortable grip is found at the butt pad and forearm panels for a secured hold when you are without gloves.

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A back-bored technology promises optimum shot patterns that are evenly distributed. A quadra-vent port releases excess gases from the recoil system for an easier clean. If you are looking to take down some birds of flight, then the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 semiautomatic shotgun is the one to reach for.

A roomy trigger guard is excellent for gloved hands during the cold winter months, while still offering the same sense of control you would get during the summer.

A reliable Inertia Driven system promises a smooth and jam-free delivery of each round. Coming in a variety of six different finishes fit for hunting and competition, you have options to choose from. No stranger to law enforcement, the TX4 Storm semiautomatic shotgun is your ideal choice for home defense or hobby shooting. A gas-operated mechanism system and a 5 plus 1 capacity delivers seamless rounds each and every time.

A shorter, maneuverable barrel and a super lightweight body make it a perfect shotgun to stow away at home. Ghost-ring sights are created for quick and reliable target acquisition, and the small body length makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. What sets the TX4 Storm apart from other semiautomatic shotguns is a self-cleaning mechanism and an incredibly simple disassembly.

Featuring red bar fiber-optic sight for quick and painless target acquisition, this shotgun works wonders in low-light situations found at dusk and dawn.SnakeWrangler 50, BOBO the Clown 46, RKHarm24 44, NORML as can be 39, Most Online 19, Feb 5th, Print Thread. Joined: Dec I was looking at getting a friend a starter-type semi-auto shotgun. I've looked used, but decided I would prefer to go with a new one so don't lecture me on how much better off he would be if I would buy him a good used gun - but feel free to LMK if you do have a super deal on a nice used one.

I've heard on other boards that this gun - a new semi made by Yildiz - has made its way into some Academys, but the one by me has never heard of them. Anyone else seen them? They will not hold up as a target shooting gun with heavy use. Joined: May Whiskey Flats, TX.

Gee Dewey, you shouldn't have I haven't seen the semi-auto Yildiz either, just wanted to rib you a little. CDNN has some Lanber semi-autos for good price - I don't know anything about the brand, but it's probably as good as the Yildiz. Oh and, I know a guy that can take you and your friend for an upland hunt to try out that new gun Joined: Aug DFW Area.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

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Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Apr 15, Messages: Location: Texas. Went to the local Academy and they have some over and under shotguns for cheap. The only thing is I have not heard about that brand. Has anybody or does anybody have one? If so how good are they? Yildiz is the brand. Remove Advertisement. Joined: Mar 15, Messages: 2, Location: Wisconsin. To answer your question; yes, the Yildiz is good for a couple of things that come to mind.

yildiz semi automatic shotgun

Drifting SmokeMDshotgunner and Tron thanked this. Boat anchor HM. Great gun for snipe hunting. Scott JohnsonSep 19, I have to agree with the above comments. A couple of kids at our range have them and they seem to be a lot of trouble. One kid even had a bunch of lost targets at a registered shoot because of gun malfunctions. Designing a trigger that will work in the long term has proved troublesome for some of the major manufacturers and impossible for the low-end guys.

Buy a used Beretta or Browning. Joined: Jan 23, Messages: Pen25Sep 19, Barry C. RoachSep 19, Joined: Aug 19, Messages: 2, I agree with everyone with the exception of Mr Roach WesleyBSep 20, Thanks for the info. Joined: Oct 22, Messages: Browse categories Directory Blog Login Register. Sell My Shotgun.

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yildiz semi automatic shotgun

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Please select a location from the drop-down list. Shotguns by Category Over and Under Side By Side 2. Shotguns by Region East Midlands West Midlands North East South West 7. Eastern 1. Shotguns by Condition New Used 4. Shotguns by Certificate Shotgun - Section 2 Shotguns by Orientation Right Handed Left Handed 7. Ambidextrous 4.When it comes to owning a shotgun, you will mostly have to choose between the pump action and break-action type of shotguns.

Things have changed over the years since we now have the semi-automatic shotguns. For many people, shotguns might have been the first guns you used when you were learning how to shoot.

Shotguns have also become quite popular when it comes to home defense. People always fear breaking into home if an owner draws a shotgun. Do not worry as we will get to answer all that in this guide. We also show you the best semi-automatic shotguns you can buy on the market right now.

Sometimes it is always good to understand where it all started. For the semi-automatic shotguns, they can be traced to as early as This was when the Browning Auto-5 was first produced.


It is amazing that this shotgun has been in production until As much as it was released early, not many people back then were trusting the semi-automatic shotgun. They always wanted something they are used to. With the technology limited at the time, you can expect that there was a bit of kinks here and there. With the flaws rectified, we ended up having better semi-automatic shotguns from the various manufacturers in the industry. If you ask your grandpa about the semi-automatic shotguns in the past, the answer will be that there was not much in terms of variety.

The shooters had to use what as available. This meant settling for shotguns from just a few manufacturers. Fast forward to now, you can see that more companies are now in the business of making these shotguns. You can easily walk into a gun store and find multiple shotguns from various brands. The number of shotguns increased thanks to the demand. When the manufacturers saw that people really wanted semi-automatic shotguns, they had to provide.

The best part is that right now the quality has improved and the price has dropped. Remington is a reputable brand, so we expect that the Versa max sportsman will be a great shotgun.

Well, without a doubt that is what you get when it comes to using it. It is a highly versatile shotgun that will always deliver on the performance needs you might have. It is gas operated which means that it will use the high pressure gas behind shot cup to help drive the action.

The manufacturer integrated the model with two smaller pistons. These should make self-cleaning even better. You can already see why you should get it. The gas operation system on the overall makes the shotgun to be highly versatile. You can be sure to keep shooting at anything for days without it failing. You can find it being used for shooting geese as a sport.


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